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Scrum (Edit)


The must-have in Scrum 
•	3 Roles
  o	Scrum Master
  o	Product Owner
  o	Development Team 
•	5 Events 
  o	Sprint Planning
  o	Sprint Review
  o	Sprint Retrospective
  o	Daily Scrum
  o	the Sprint
•	3 Artifacts
  o	Product Backlog
  o	Sprint Backlog (with Sprint Goal)
  o	Increment (with Definition of Done)
•	5 Scrum Values https://guntherverheyen.com/2013/05/03/theres-value-in-the-scrum-values/

Agile Techniques / Practices (INVEST, splitting user stories, planning poker) 

Business Value Estimation 
  Used by Product Owner with stakeholders, these are just different tools/techniques, 
  PO can decide to use any of those, other reasons or no reasons at all 
  Planning Poker https://www.agile42.com/en/business-value-game/
  Buy a feature http://www.innovationgames.com/buy-a-feature/
  20/20 Vision http://www.innovationgames.com/2020-vision/
  Thirty-Five http://tastycupcakes.org/2012/10/thirty-five/

Scrum with Kanban
  Kanban Guide for Scrum Team https://www.scrum.org/resources/kanban-guide-scrum-teams
  Kanban related Resources on Scrum.org https://www.scrum.org/resources?search=kanban

  We have a WhatsApp group of previous public / private PSM Students of more than 170+ 
  we have Scrum Master/ Agile Coaches from Bank, Startup, Finance and other industries 
  discuss common challenges in Hong Kong, if you want to join the community, click this link